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Prepare for your visit to Hands-on House!

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Hands-on House is geared towards children ages 2-10 and we recommend having 1 adult for every 4 children in attendance. Children must be accompanied and supervised at all times. The museum is designed for grown-ups and their little ones to play and learn *together*.

  1. What is the best time to visit?

    The museum is most full on weekends, holidays, and weekday mornings. We encourage guests to explore all of our spaces including the main exhibit floor, the Play Lab, classrooms, and our beautiful outdoor space with picnic areas for lunch. At times we may limit visit lengths for guests or limit walk-in admission to ensure a safe, spacious, and positive play experience. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates!

  2. Do you participate in reciprocal admission with local museums?

    Yes! We participate in the ACM's Reciprocal Program and offer half priced admission to visitors with Reciprocal Memberships.

  3. How can I best engage with my child?

    1.     Ask your child questions before, during, and after your visit

    • a.     What are you most excited about?
    • b.     What do you think happens when xyz?
    • c.     What made you smile the most today?

    2.     Follow along as your child takes the lead

    3.     Simply play! Relax into that child-like curiosity and trust that learning will happen naturally when you and your little one let imagination and fun lead the way!

  4. What facilities do you have?

    The museum offers changing tables, a small nursing station, and outdoor picnic areas for lunchtime.

  5. Can I bring my stroller?

    Yes, you can bring your stroller inside, but please note there is limited seating for adults on the museum floor.

  6. Can I bring food?

    You are welcome to eat lunch outside at one of our picnic tables! No food or drink is allowed to be eaten while inside the museum other than water or if nursing babies.

  7. How long does it take to move through the museum?

    Guests typically spend 90+ mins moving through the exhibits and additional time if they join a free-with-admission class or play outside in Mason’s Active Adventure Garden.

  8. Can I take pictures?

    Of course! If you share any on social media we’d love to feature your trip on our pages. Be sure to tag us on Facebook and Instagram @handsonhouse

  9. Will my picture be taken?

    Periodically, Hands-on House takes photographs and video of museum visitors and activities. These photos or videos may be used in promotional or editorial materials.

    With admission to the museum, you grant permission to Hands-on House, Children’s Museum of Lancaster to use these photographs, pictures, and recordings of yourself and your dependents for any legitimate purpose.

    Please notify the front desk if you do not consent to this policy. Feel free to ask any staff members with a camera not to photograph you or your child.

  10. Do I need to pay for my child's nurse or aide?

    An aide that is accompanying a child with their family or adult guardian will receive free admission with proper identification.

    Aides that are accompanying a child without another adult will be considered a guardian during the visit and will be charged admission.

  11. How do you support sensory needs?

    Currently we offer free noise-dampening headphones at the front desk for guests looking for a more sensory-friendly experience. We are committed to expanding our support for guests and would love to hear from you about how we can improve our space/offerings in this area!

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